Our Twins

Demonstration sites

Against wildfires & extreme events

The twin between Greece (Attica) and different national parks in Ethiopia (National Parks) demonstrates how a holistic wildfire management approach based on monitoring and forecasting tools benefits the preparedness, response and recovery, in very different contexts: high/low capacity, densely/sparsely populated areas, focus on protection of human life/ecosystem services.

Coastal floods and storm surges

The twin between the two historical sites, Venice and Egypt’s coast along the Mediterranean with Alexandria and the Nile Delta will demonstrate how enhanced and temporally extended sea level height forecast and flood warning can protect people, facilities, and critical infrastructure, and reduce losses.

Floods and landslides

In this twin, MedEWSa aims to increase preparedness, reduce prediction uncertainty and assess impact-based forecasts in connection to the DSDS procedures and Copernicus services.

The Košice region (Slovakia) was selected due to its exposure to multiple hazards.  Moreover, the population in the region is highly vulnerable. Košice city is also one of the 100 pilot cities for Climate Mission implementation. Similarly, the Tbilisi (Georgia) region is highly exposed to pluvial and fluvial flooding and landslides. Several river basins are prone to flash floods, debris flows/mudflow and landslides affecting the Tbilisi city and its surroundings.

Heatwaves, droughts and wildfires

Catalonia has seen a decrease in yearly average number of wildfires and burnt areas due to improved firefighting effectiveness. However, the accumulation of available biomass and the increase in droughts and heatwaves have led to more extreme fire behaviours in recent years. Sweden has seen a sharp increase in wildfire activity in recent years, notably in 2014 and 2018. These events were caused by a combination of drought and excessive heat.

This twin will not only focus on exchanging knowledge between the two services developed for different scales (regional and national), but further add value to the accuracy of warnings by considering additional indicators and improving preparedness through an increased forecast horizon (from a week to months ahead).

FOstering collaboration with differENT practices

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