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MeDEWSA methodology

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DSDS Infrastructure

MedEWSa’s Decision Support and Dissemination System (DSDS) Infrastructure will equip first responders, planners and policy makers with a suite of innovative services to improve their knowledge and optimise their response actions, enhancing rapid and efficient deployment in vulnerable areas by using highly accurate and real-time Decision Support. It will provide new knowledge on site/community/asset vulnerability, continuously updated impact forecasting, and further cascading effects.

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Innovative methods for multihazard forecasting

MedEWSa will explore existing data, measures, and technologies from state-of-the-art operational EWS to characterise, estimate and predict multi-hazards and their impact. MedEWSa will provide an innovative and comprehensive landscape of spatial-temporal dependencies for different hazards by building on the latest scientific findings addressing impact-based warnings.

Risk transfer solutions

Alternative risk transfer solutions are in high demand in emergency response and humanitarian actions. MedEWSa will use a solid catastrophe risk model to determine event impacts, and an independent triggering mechanism will initiate pay-outs to provide emergency response. 

Societal support and outreach

MedEWSa will offer comprehensive, inclusive, and vulnerability Europe-Mediterranean-Africa (EuMeA), country, and region level awareness raising and capacity building activities to enhance multi hazard risk reduction and societal support.By including citizens, the project will target society as a whole, translating complex information to actionable knowledge. MedEWSa will exploit the rapidly advancing techniques of AI to better assess and prioritise different communication channels reaching the socio-economic systems in which regional communities are most impacted by natural hazards.

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